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News You Can Use (For Video Marketing)

It is a beautiful December evening.  Carolers bring sweet sounds to the town square. Decorations sparkle. Families gather close, smiling with the anticipation of the lighting of the huge Christmas tree. Children can barely contain their excitement waiting for Santa Claus. It's a beautiful tradition, but also a wonderful opportunity to show the world (and potential homebuyers) why North Canton is a great place to put down roots and raise a family, helping the North Canton Comunity Growth Association. At Woodward Video Productions, we see the potential in news YOU CAN USE for your video marketing. You may not be putting up a huge Christmas tree, but we are guessing that there are many stories unfolding right around you that could be used to illustrate what is great about your business, product, service or not-for-profit mission. Think outside the boundaries of traditional marketing efforts. Do you have an employee who exemplifies one of your core business values in his or her life outside the office in an interesting way? Does your workplace culture come across when you host a ping pong tournament? Is there a community service project that your employees embrace that shows how your business reaches beyond the office? These do not have to be huge, involved projects. They can take a few hours to shoot and edit, but told the right way, they can reap many benefits. If you would like to see an example for yourself, check out the link to the previously mentioned Christmas tree lighting below. Let's not miss the great story-telling opportunities that are happening around you. Without a script and hours of advance planning, we can produce meaningful news you can use right now to tell your story!




Woodward Video Productions is so proud to work on the campaign, "Live. Right. Here." When a spot higlights simple, honest comments from people who love the community of North Canton, it makes others take notice. Of course, we also had wonderful video showing why this is a true community. Neighbors helping neighbors sounds cliche, but that is truly what it is like here. We could have done an hour on all the elements of why this is such a great place to call home, but we only had 30 seconds. See for yourself and visit the North Canton Community Growth Association's website,, to learn more about this campaign. It started with volunteers who care deeply about their hometown and the essence of that shows throughout the campaign. Through television, radio, Internet, FaceBook and simple word of mouth, "Live. Right. Here" is gaining steam. 




Woodward Video Productions is happy to share the new commercial spot produced for TruBridge Incorporated. On a personal note, we have never learned so much about Medicare and its many intricacies. TruBridge has helped thousands! Hats off to the talented, thorough folks who work there! View the spot on our "Recent Clients" page!




Hooray for the Eric Snow YMCA

The YMCA of Central Stark County is renewing its commitment to bring more to the people living in the city of Canton.  On Sept. 21, 2012, community leaders applauded a new beginning, the construction of the Eric Snow YMCA in downtown Canton. As part of bringing in the new building, downtown has to part with the old YMCA. The YMCA removed the cornerstone of the building, unveiling history from more than a century ago!! Woodward Video Productions was proud to shoot this exciting moment!